Getting Ready for Family Scouting

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By now, most of you have heard that our organization will be welcoming young girls into our programs this year, through Family Scouting.

While all Scouting, including Family Scouting, will continue to be single-gender in nature, many of you have questions about what this change means for your Pack or Troop. To help answer your questions, we’ve created with step-by-step instructions, videos from our national office, and more. Attached is a helpful infographic detailing this change as well.

Be Prepared

To be fully prepared for this change, we encourage every Pack & Troop to take the following steps (even if you aren’t participating in Family Scouting)-

  1. Recruit a New Member Coordinator to help your Unit welcome new families & engage new volunteers this year. Learn more about this new position here-
  2. Have your Unit Committee watch or take in-person the new Volunteer Recruitment Workshop offered by the Del-Mar-Va Council. You can find the video workshop and support materials at or contact your District Executive to schedule an in-person training.
  3. Talk to your Chartered Organization Representative about this change. Ultimately, the decision to adopt Family Scouting rests with them, so make sure they’re informed!
  4. Update your BeAScout Pin to let the world know how to get in touch with you. Family Scouting Units can select “Opt-In” to Family Scouting so that interested parents know which Units accept young girls.


If you have any questions about this change, please reach out to your Unit Commissioner, District volunteers & staff, or myself at any time. And on behalf of the 12,000+ youth we serve and the many more we intend to serve this year, thank you for all you do for our Scouts!


Yours in Scouting,

Justin Rodstrom |  Director of Field Service, C.O.O


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