A Word from HSR Camp Director



Henson Scout Reservation 2018

Don’t miss out on what is sure to be a great adventure! Summer camp 2018 is shaping up to be our best yet! As always Henson is an all-inclusive camp meaning scouts and adults can take part in everything we have to offer at no extra cost!

Henson continues to stay on the leading edge of the use of technology in all aspects of camp.  Below is how it will be utilized this summer!

  • Drones are coming!! Scouts in photography and movie making will utilize state of the art technology to produce some beautiful aerial photos and videos\
  • Drone Racing – Scouts will get the chance to test their piloting skills as they race against the clock to complete a racetrack in the sky!
  • Henson continues to spread the availability of Wifi and computer access all around camp
  • Our iPad lab will continue to be utilized by scouts to complete the merit badge research and to complete some merit badge requirements such as stargazing and plant identification

Master Metalworking Course Blacksmithing has been a very popular badge here at Henson the past several years and we are now taking it to the next level.  Any scouts that have completed the merit badge here at Henson are now eligible for our Master Metalworking Course which will allow them to learn more advanced techniques and make a pocket knife that they get to keep!

If your unit hasn’t registered yet what are you waiting for? To register or learn more go to www.dmvc.org/henson or call our office at 302-622-3300.




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